Mission and Vision

The company’s mission is to contribute to the growth of high-quality and affordable medicines in the markets of the countries of presence, as well as to offer new treatment methods for different areas of modern medicine.

The company’s vision is to take a leading position in the markets of presence and in the long term on a global scale.


Vegapharm is steadily developing and growing. Our employees are young and highly qualified managers with work experience both in the field of development and registration, as well as in the field of promotion and distribution of medicines.

We actively use modern technologies and innovations in order to develop drugs and their implementation in the markets of presence. Timely introduction of medicines will help ensure that vital medicines reach patients as soon as possible. Speed ​​and simplicity are the platform of our work environment and are crucial for our team. In our work, we are primarily guided by the requirements of the modern pharmaceutical market, as well as international medical recommendations regarding the modern treatment and prevention of various diseases. The strategic direction for the company is to provide original treatment regimens for various diseases.